We are proud to serve as our clients’ counselors and support through the oftentimes difficult personal trauma surrounding estate litigation.

Estate & Trust Litigation

Suffice to say, the overarching motivation for all estate planning efforts boils down to peace of mind—knowing that you have minimized tax implications, maximized the net inheritance to your beneficiaries, ensured that all conditions of inheritance… Read More
Attorneys: Joshua I. Gornitsky

Lack of Capacity

Under the law, any person executing a last will and testament and/or a trust document is required to have the requisite legal capacity to do so. Relatively speaking, legal capacity is not an extremely high threshold. Nonetheless, it is almost always… Read More

Undue Influence

When a person is compelled or coerced to execute a last will and testament and/or a trust document by a relative, friend, loved one, or trusted advisor, there is a potential for under influence. In most instances, the person exerting the undue influe… Read More

Lack of Formalities

Proper execution (signing) of a last will and testament and/or a trust requires that the will and/or trust be signed by the client, properly witnessed, and compliant with all statutory requirements. Having handled estate litigation for many years, th… Read More

Civil Litigation

Searles & Gornitsky, PLLC also represents clients in a wide-array of civil litigation, which include but are not limited to commercial and contractual disputes, employment claims, negligence actions and real estate litigation. Searles & Gorni… Read More