Wealth Preservation

So many people work hard, invest wisely, and save smartly throughout their lives with the intention that they are planning for their retirement, special things or events in their lives, the inheritance than they are leaving to their heirs, childrens’ college, the purchase of a home or vacation home, etc). However, sometimes things happen that can open up our assets and assets that we leave our family members and beneficiaries to creditors, predators, divorcing spouses, bankruptcy, tax liability, work-related or personal liability claims, etc.). We are here to work with you on how best to protect those assets so that they are used and available for the intended purposes. Sometimes this involves protecting them from other people and in some cases, it may involve protecting people or their beneficiaries from themselves. Whatever the reason might be, we are here to discuss the multitude of options (e.g. insurance, limited liability companies, irrevocable trusts, etc) available to you to ensure that your assets are protected as best as they possibly can be and that your wealth is preserved for you and your loved ones.